My Carry-On Essentials

Hi everyone,

First of all I would like to apologize for not posting anything on Thursday, I was busy and had to work, so I completely forgot to prepare a blog post.

Today I want to share my carry-on essentials with you, I thought it would come in quite handy as a lot of people are leaving for their holiday these next months. I am leaving for my holiday in 12 days, very excited about that, and these are the products that I will be taking with me on the flight.


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Everyday Makeup Products

It is time that I worked on my blog again. So today I’m showing you the makeup products that I use almost every single day.

Let’s get started with concealers.


This is the Catrice Camouflage cream in the shade 010 Ivory. I use this concealer to hyde blemishes and dark spots on my face. I don’t use this one under my eyes, because it’s very creamy and gets in the lines very fast.

I bought this in Belgium in ‘de Kruidvat’, I’m not sure if it’s for sale in countries other than Belgium and The Netherlands. The price is around € 3-4, which is great because it will last you a very long time.


This is the concealer that I use under my eyes. Now I know why so many people rave about this product, it’s simply amazing. You get great coverage and it doens’t set in your fine lines. I have two shades, the lighter one is number 1 ‘Fair’ which I use in the winter and the slightly darker one is number 2 ‘Light’ which will be my concealer for summer.

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