Coffee Table Essentials | Chairish

Hi everyone,

A coffee table is something that everyone needs in their house, whether you live in a small flat, a house or a big mansion. There are so many styles of coffee tables that it could get overwhelming to find the perfect one. But, I am here today to help you a little bit.

The first thing you will need to do is decide from which (online) store you want to buy your new coffee table. I suggest the store Chairish, as they have a wide variety and there is definitely something for everyone. Have a look at their coffee tables page and I bet you will find the perfect one for you!

I also browsed a bit on their site and I found my perfect coffee table, here it is:


This is the 1960s Danish Modern Teak Coffee Table, I am a big fan of simple pieces and this table perfectly fits within my taste. I also love the colour of this wood, it would look so gorgeous in my interior.

Now, you can’t leave your new coffee table looking bare, you want to put a few beautiful items on it. Here are my suggestions, I browsed some websites and found lovely pieces for my table.

In a way, I would want to protect this beautiful table, so I would opt for some sort of tablecloth. This crochet one is gorgeous:


Next, I would put some candles on my table, as it gives a very cosy feeling. If you can, get some candles from Yankee Candle, they smell divine. Here’s my favourite scent:


Sweets, cookies or some sort of treat should always be on a coffee table. And why shouldn’t you put them on a beautiful tray. This one from Zara would contrast beautifully on the coffee table that I chose:


And last, but not least, a plant would make the whole lay-out of the coffee table complete. I think a cactus is very cute, so I would choose a little one to put on my table. You can get some from Ikea:


I hope you enjoyed this little post and got some inspiration from it for your own perfect coffee table and essentials. Do not forget to check out Chairish and have a look at their beautiful furniture.







My Favourite Apps | iPhone 6s

Hi everyone,

I have to admit that I am a phone addict, most part of my day I am swiping through the apps on my iPhone. *Looks on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and repeat…*

Today, I want to show you some of the apps that I have currently been loving. Let’s dive into it.


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Valentine’s Day | ThirdLove

Valentine’s Day is getting closer. Maybe some of you have planned a romantic day with your partner or you decided that this year it is going to be a day to treat yourself. Either way, I hope you have a fun day.

Recently, I came across ThirdLove, which is a brand (and website) that sells beautiful lingerie. Have a look on the website and I am sure you will find a piece that you like, as they have something for everyone. Coming back to the topic of Valentine’s Day, whatever you plan to do, I think choosing the perfect lingerie (and outfit) can boost your confidence. The right bra can lift your outfit to a whole different level, and as ThirdLove says on their website: “The best bra is one you never think about.” And I completely agree with this statement.

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Kiko Nailpolish 

Hi everyone,

Living in Spain the last 5 months has taught me a lot of things. But, what I know now is that Kiko has become one of my favourite makeup brands. Today, I want to show you a nailpolish that I recently bought and love.


This is the Kiko nail lacquer in number 47, they also have names, but it is not mentioned on the bottle.

I am absolutely in love with the formula and colour of this nailpolish. It applies so easily and dries very fast, I was pleasantly surprised! 

Also, Kiko products are very affordable, which is positive for people on a budget like me.

To buy: Kiko Stores, now reduced in price: €1,90



Lashes & Lingerie

Hi everyone, I am back from holiday and I had an amazing time! Baby blue Lingerie is something that can make you feel more confident and sexy, Adore Me has some amazing looking lingerie sets that will definitely make you feel sexier than ever! Baby Blue


I love lingerie, but I don’t like complicated looking sets or a lot of straps and hooks. The set that I like the most is called Melanie, the cami and shorts are baby blue and it looks comfortable, but also very sexy. Perfect! I would pair this with a berry lipstick, like the L’Oréal Color Riche lipstick in Velvet Robe and some voluminous lashes, I chose the eylure volume lashes in N°100. 344473018D1 I feel like you can wear some flats to make the look more comfortable, or some killer heels to spice everything up. I am definitely more for heels, so I would pair this with wedges. The wedges that I chose are from New Look, I just love the details on the heels and a tan colour always works! Check out Adore Me’s sexy lingerie page to see which styles they offer, you’ll love it! Which style of lingerie do you like the most? Love, Valeria