OOTN Aruba | Part 1

Hi everyone,

I am currently in Aruba on holiday with my parents. I decided to not blog that much, because I want to fully enjoy our holiday. However, I thought it would be fun to share my outfits of the night with you, so here’s part 1!
Outfit 1


Dress: New Look

Shoes: New Look

Bag: was a gift

Outfit 2


Top: Zara

Shorts: Compañía Fantástica 

Kimono: C&A

Bag: was a gift

Outfit 3


Dress: H&M Coachella 

Bandana: Asos

Sandals (which you can’t see): New Look

Outfit 4


Jumpsuit: WE

Outfit 5


Top: New Look

Shorts: United Colours Of Benetton

I will post a few more outfit post, because we are staying here for another 13 days!

I hope you enjoyed this.

Which outfit is you favourite?