Coffee Table Essentials | Chairish

Hi everyone,

A coffee table is something that everyone needs in their house, whether you live in a small flat, a house or a big mansion. There are so many styles of coffee tables that it could get overwhelming to find the perfect one. But, I am here today to help you a little bit.

The first thing you will need to do is decide from which (online) store you want to buy your new coffee table. I suggest the store Chairish, as they have a wide variety and there is definitely something for everyone. Have a look at their coffee tables page and I bet you will find the perfect one for you!

I also browsed a bit on their site and I found my perfect coffee table, here it is:


This is the 1960s Danish Modern Teak Coffee Table, I am a big fan of simple pieces and this table perfectly fits within my taste. I also love the colour of this wood, it would look so gorgeous in my interior.

Now, you can’t leave your new coffee table looking bare, you want to put a few beautiful items on it. Here are my suggestions, I browsed some websites and found lovely pieces for my table.

In a way, I would want to protect this beautiful table, so I would opt for some sort of tablecloth. This crochet one is gorgeous:


Next, I would put some candles on my table, as it gives a very cosy feeling. If you can, get some candles from Yankee Candle, they smell divine. Here’s my favourite scent:


Sweets, cookies or some sort of treat should always be on a coffee table. And why shouldn’t you put them on a beautiful tray. This one from Zara would contrast beautifully on the coffee table that I chose:


And last, but not least, a plant would make the whole lay-out of the coffee table complete. I think a cactus is very cute, so I would choose a little one to put on my table. You can get some from Ikea:


I hope you enjoyed this little post and got some inspiration from it for your own perfect coffee table and essentials. Do not forget to check out Chairish and have a look at their beautiful furniture.







Wish List: Summer

Hi everyone,

My exams are finally over and I can start looking forward to my holiday, I am going to Aruba with my parents this year! I have been looking around the Internet and in stores to find some cute summer clothes and accessories, so I made a little wish list.

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