Wish List: Spring and Summer

I was looking around on the Internet today and came across the website Style Compare  https://www.stylecompare.co.uk/ I absoultely love this website, because you can just enter what you’re looking for and it will give you results from a lot of websites. Great thing!

I was thinking it might be fun to share my wishlist with you and give you some inspiration for Spring and Summer.


Maxi dresses are a must for summer and since I don’t own one I was searching on the website for a cute and flattering one, this multi-coloured dress is gorgeous! https://www.stylecompare.co.uk/product/boohoo/aimee-floral-butterfly-maxi-dress-navy


This is more of a Bohemian type of shirt and not so colourful, but these types of shirts are great for the colder evenings in summer paired  with a cute pair of shorts. https://www.stylecompare.co.uk/product/mango/double-layer-blouse-6722361

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