Valentine’s Day | ThirdLove

Valentine’s Day is getting closer. Maybe some of you have planned a romantic day with your partner or you decided that this year it is going to be a day to treat yourself. Either way, I hope you have a fun day.

Recently, I came across ThirdLove, which is a brand (and website) that sells beautiful lingerie. Have a look on the website and I am sure you will find a piece that you like, as they have something for everyone. Coming back to the topic of Valentine’s Day, whatever you plan to do, I think choosing the perfect lingerie (and outfit) can boost your confidence. The right bra can lift your outfit to a whole different level, and as ThirdLove says on their website: “The best bra is one you never think about.” And I completely agree with this statement.

ThirdLove has developed a fun quiz, Valentine’s Day Bra Personality, where you can find out what the perfect bra fit is for you. I personally find the quiz such a fun idea! The questions and answers are well thought of and you have your result in just a few minutes. Perfect guideline if you are struggling with choosing a bra to buy.

I took the quiz myself and I got as a result: 24/7 Isn’t she lovely lace.



And as a special treat for my readers, ThirdLove has kindly given me a discount code for any purchase on the website. The code VALENTINE15 will give you a discount of 15% of all orders. Happy shopping! 😉

Let me know in the comments which you result you got after taking the quiz.




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