My Sunglasses

Hi everyone,

Summer is right around the corner (not that the weather is great) and I have always had a weakness for sunglasses. They can make an outfit look put together and give it a new dimension. Despite loving sunglasses so much, I only have 2 pairs, but I wear them constantly. These sunglasses are a bit more expensive than ones from H&M or Zara, but they are worth their money.

Ray Ban Wayfarer Liteforce


This is the first expensive pair of sunglasses that I ever bought, before this one I always wore cheap ones, because I used to loose mine all the time. But, I came to a certain age where I thought that I should be more careful with my stuff and that’s why I decided to buy a Ray Ban. I have always wanted sunglasses from Ray Ban, because I see a lot of people on the streets wearing them and they look cool. This pair has definitely not disappointed me, they are my go to sunglasses and they match every outfit that I wear. Ofcourse these sunglasses are not cheap, but the quality is amazing and I don’t even have on scratch on them, which is rare for me.

Available online and in stores for €169 (price may vary)

Quay Australia My Girl


This is a very recent purchase from Quay Australia. I came across these sunglasses on Instagram and I thought they looked so cool and fun, so I decided to buy them. Only downside was that they were sold out on the site, so I had to pre order them. And eventually I had to wait 2 months before receiving the sunglasses, thank god the weather is not that nice in Belgium. Ever since I have these sunglasses, I have been in love with them. They are not something that I would wear every day, but they would look so cool on holiday and by the pool.

Available online and in some stores (Topshop, Asos,…) for AUD$50

I hope this was fun for you to read.




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