Wish List: Summer

Hi everyone,

My exams are finally over and I can start looking forward to my holiday, I am going to Aruba with my parents this year! I have been looking around the Internet and in stores to find some cute summer clothes and accessories, so I made a little wish list.

Maxi Dress

I have been looking for the perfect maxi dress for so long and they are never what I want, too skinny, weird shapes or funny colours. But, I think that I have found one that I like at H&M.


This dress has the right shape for my figure and it is perfect for summer!

Not available online, H&M in store for €29,95.

Striped top

Stripes are always in fashion, I think. There’s something timeless about them and they can make an outfit look fun and put together. I have recently watched a few of Zoë Sugg’s vlogs (Zozeebo) and I love the top that she was wearing, I spotted a similar one in H&M.


A very simple and chic T-shirt/top.

Available at H&M online and in store for €14,95.

Flash Tattoos

I have been seeing this trend everywhere and it looks so gorgeous. Really desperate to try some flash tattoos myself, so I maybe have to make some time and go buy flash tattoos.


I especially love the golden tattoos, because they make your tan stand out more.

Flash tattoos are available in a lot of stores, so it’s not that hard to find them.

Available at Clouds of Fashion (store in Antwerp) online and in store for €5.


Slippers are a must for summer, because you don’t want to have sweaty feet and wear sneakers all summer. I already have a pair of Havaianas, which I love, but I want some slippers without the ‘toe part’. I found these on the H&M website (I have something with that store) and they are gorgeous!

hmprodLove the glitter!

Available at H&M online and in store for €9,99.

I hope I gave you some inspiration for your summer wardrobe.




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