Wish List: Spring and Summer

I was looking around on the Internet today and came across the website Style Compare  https://www.stylecompare.co.uk/ I absoultely love this website, because you can just enter what you’re looking for and it will give you results from a lot of websites. Great thing!

I was thinking it might be fun to share my wishlist with you and give you some inspiration for Spring and Summer.


Maxi dresses are a must for summer and since I don’t own one I was searching on the website for a cute and flattering one, this multi-coloured dress is gorgeous! https://www.stylecompare.co.uk/product/boohoo/aimee-floral-butterfly-maxi-dress-navy


This is more of a Bohemian type of shirt and not so colourful, but these types of shirts are great for the colder evenings in summer paired  with a cute pair of shorts. https://www.stylecompare.co.uk/product/mango/double-layer-blouse-6722361


Wauwie, love love love this cardigan! A great statement piece to have in your wardrobe, to throw over a simple dress or top. I want to buy this! 🙂 https://www.stylecompare.co.uk/product/asos/waterfall-cardigan-in-crochet-6710347


Maybe this doesn’t fit into my clothing style, but I think it’s quite fun to wear this in summer when you are going to the pool or when it’s sunny out. Doesn’t this cap look a lot like Alfie’s one? https://www.stylecompare.co.uk/product/obey/baseball-cap-in-floral-print


To finish, I found this very cute floral backpack. This would be fun for travelling, when you have to take the plane and just carry the essentials with you. Or maybe this could be cute to go to the pool with. https://www.stylecompare.co.uk/product/mantaray/navy-floral-print-backpack

This was it for today, I hope you enjoyed. 🙂

See you next time.






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