My Shoe Collection, part 2!

In my last post I gave you an exclusive look in my sneaker and boots collection. Today I’m here with my favourite part, the heels and sandals. I took 2 pictures of every pair of heels, so you can see the height. Let’s go!





My first pair of heels I’ve ever bought, I was 13 years old and saw these pretty shoes in Esprit. My dad wasn’t too happy about me buying them, he said the heel was way too high for me (what?), but my mom could convince him and there were my first heels! I’ve worn them a lot on holiday and in spring and summer, they are very comfortable shoes and don’t hurt at all. But now they have moved to the back of my closet, because I’m all for higher heels. 😉



I’ve worn these blue pumps to death as you can see, I think the heel has been replaced about 5 times. The pumps are by the brand Noë, a pretty popular brand of heels and yhe quality is always amazing. I’ve had these shoes for about 4 years and I still wear them a lot. In my opinion, everyone should invest in a good pair of pumps.



Yes, high heels! Two years ago I could go to my school prom for the first time, because I was finally 16 years old. My strapless dress for prom was in a salmon pink colour, but I still had no shoes to wear with my pretty dress. I found these heels in Torfs and it was the only pair I tried on, they were perfect. The only downside is, they hurt so much at the front, because it’s a bit tight. Price was 50 euros and are by the brand SPM Fun.



Wauwie, what a lovely blue! These shoes were originally 80 euros, but I received a coupon to buy them at half of the price, I couldn’t leave it, right? Beautiful to wear in the summer and the blue looks even better with a tan. The only thing is that they make a hell lot of noise while walking on a wooden floor, I always lift my heels from the floor and walk on my toes. Sandals by the brand Nina by Avance.


Last year was my second prom, I told my parents I wanted some new shoes with a smaller heel than the previous ones. I saw a lot of shoes that day and then I came across these ones, wow, just wow! I tried them on and they were like made for me. I was already buying them in my head, then I looked at the price, 117 euros, auwch,… After a long talk with my parents, they made a compromise with me, I would pay one half and they the other. As I mentioned before I wanted heels that were smaller, now that didn’t turn out quite right, they are a bit higher. 🙂



The only pair of sandals that I have, they are by the brand s.Oliver and cost me about 60 euros. Some of you may think that’s a lot for sandals, but they’re made from real leather, so I will get a long wear out of them. The sandals are a bohemian style and have beads on the ankle parts. They zip up at the back and have a little wedge.

Flip Flops


Two pairs of slippers that I don’t really wear anymore. The left pair are by the brand Isotoner and the right one are from 3suisses. Both great for in summer, to go to the pool with or for in the evenings. The silver ones have a little wedge heel and aren’t that comfortable, the braided thing inbetween the toes really is annoying. The brown slippers have been worn a lot and that’s noticable, the whole shoe has been glued several times. Price was between 10 and 20 euros.



My last pair of shoes, a bright orange pair of Havaianas. These are the most comfortable pair of flip flops I’ve ever had, great to wear to the beach and when it’s really hot. You can wear them with every outfit, they make your look more casual and it looks great. I bought them in the sale for 18 euros.

Now I’ve shared my whole shoe collection with you, hope you enjoyed!





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