My Shoe Collection, part 1!


Today I decided I wanted to share my passion for shoes with you, so I’m going to show you my shoe collection. The quote by Coco Chanel is like a life motto to me, good shoes are a must for me. You can tell by a women her clothing and shoes if she has put some thought in her appearance, but we don’t need to look like supermodels these days, everyone is pretty in their own way.

Now enough with the rambling, let us begin with the first pair of shoes.



This is my first pair of sneakers, just simple black converse. I decided six months ago that I also wanted the experience the hype behind the all stars, as I saw everyone walking around with them. I have to say that these shoes are not the best I’ve ever had, to begin with they are way overpriced, they retail for about 65/70 euros. But I decided I still wanted to try them, good luck that I didn’t have to walk a lot the first time I wore them, my feet were killing me and some of my toes were bleeding… Now after six months the shoes aren’t as bad as before, but I only use them to go to University or to work with.


Now we are talking, these are my beloved Vans. As you can see I have two pairs of them, the left ones are an old school red version and the right ones are a more green/blue type. The red Vans are perfect for in winter, as they are thicker than the originals. I bought them while I was in London and for a complete bargain, I only paid 28,50 pounds. The green Vans are made of a thinner material and are likely to get more dirty, but they are fine for in summer and look cute when you have a nice tan.

As I am an owner of both Converse and Vans I can answer the question that is burning on everyone’s lips : ‘Which ones are better?’

No doubt for me, Vans are by far the winner. Not only are they more comfortable, but they also last a longer time. I don’t know what it is with Converses, but they seem to rip a the sides. I am not sure if I’m the only one who has experienced this, but I’m only saying what has happened with mine. And there’s also a small detail, Converse make my feet look enormous, I think it’s because of the white tip and the shape of the shoe. But man I really didn’t like that, as I already have big feet (European size 40).


This is my last pair of sneakers, if you can still call them that. They were once very loved, but now only used for when I have to walk through dirt or mud. These are the red River Woods sneakers and are about two and a half years old. They are great shoes and I would definitely repurchase them. I quite like the model, but when you are walking around it can feel like you are walking on your  bare feet as the sole is so thin.

Boots, Booties


Let us all first take a moment to admire these beauties. These are all black booties with golden details. I purchased them at Debenhams in London for about 30 pounds, they are by the brand RH. Ever since I bought them I wore them like almost every single day, they are the perfect shoes to take a walk in or to go shopping. I especially love the golden details, it’s a long belt with different designs on. The gesp and the golden studs are my favourites.


Another pair of black booties, this time with a very small heel. These are made out of real leather and therefore have cost me quite an amount of money (100 euros). Behind these boots is also a story which wasn’t a fun expercience. When I was in highschool 2 years ago it was a very hot day, so I decided to wear flats, apparently not a very good idea. I was walking down the stairs and all of a sudden I slipped and ended at the bottom of these stairs, I sprained my ankle and couldn’t walk anymore. Damn you flats! When I got home I realised I had no shoes where my foot could fit in with a bandage on, so my mom and I headed to town. I instantly fell in love with these boots and they were the only shoes that were wide enough for my foot. Lovely story, isn’t it.



This is my favourite pair of shoes, I thinks I couldn’t live without them. They have a normal sized heel of about 5 centimeters, they tie up with laces and have a woollen lining. You can imagine how warm they are in winter when it’s freezing outside, my feet are very thankful. The shoes are by the brand Marco Tozzi and were in sale for about 50 euros, a good price if you would ask me.


My pretty party shoes! Everytime I wear these gorgeous shoes I get a lot of compliments, people ask me where I got them and if they aren’t uncomfortable to walk in. They are not the most comfortable shoes to walk in, but because of the platform at the front it is more bearable. I got the shoes from s.Oliver and paid about 60 euros, I’m glad I invested in these heels as they’re the perfect shoes to wear to parties or to school when I have to give a presentation or look decent. Never regretting this purchase!


These are my only long pair of boots, all black with some details on the sides. They are now in my possesion for about 3 years and I’ve worn them with a lot of love. But now I’m getting a bit tired of them, they don’t walk as good anymore and are ripping a bit on the sides. It’s not that I will throw them away, because I know I will let them get fixed and start wearing them again. Just for now they are staying in my closet. This is a purchase that I will always remember, it was my first expensive pair of shoes and I thought long about it before eventually buying the oh so expensive boots. So it’s not only a pair of shoes, but also a memory. The boots are by the brand Marco Tozzi, just like the lace up booties and they cost me 130 euros.

In part two of my shoe collection I will show you my sandals, high heels and flip-flops.

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